BeerGivr Terms and Conditions


  1. BeerGivr, associated websites, services and users of said websites and services have the following terms and conditions applied to them.
  2. The services that are provided by BeerGivr LLC are subject to the following terms and conditions. The terms are accepted when a user sends or redeems a voucher from the service. There terms can be accessed at any time via, save or printed locally.
  3. BeerGivr, managed by BeerGivr LLC, allows users to send vouchers for a specified amount to other users to be redeemed for goods and services at other companies (Redemption Locations). It is the sole responsibility of these Redemption Locations to provide these goods and services based on their own terms and conditions. BeerGivr LLC does not guarantee the delivery, quality or quantity of goods or services at the Redemption Location.
  4. Vouchers can be redeemed their assigned specific monetary value and may only be exchanged for cash at the Redemption Location and only at the discretion of the Redemption Location. BeerGivr LLC cannot exchange vouchers for cash.


  1. BeerGivr, associated websites and services are owned and operated by:

    BeerGivr LLC


  1. Vouchers can be sent via BeerGivr LLC associated services and websites.
  2. Sender provides the receiver's contact information and, once an authorized payment has been completed, a voucher will be send to the receiver.
  3. Sender authorizes BeerGivr to represent them in current and future communication, including sending SMS messages, posting to social media accounts and other communication methods, to the receiver as their authorized proxy.

Receiving, Redemption and Rights

  1. Vouchers are sent to receivers contact information when payment is confirmed.
  2. All vouchers are unique. Copying, editing or manipulation of vouchers is not permitted. BeerGivr LLC reserves the right, given the suspicion of unauthorized reproduction to notify Redemption Locations and take legal action and invalidate voucher.
  3. Each voucher can only be redeemed once and only at a single Redemption Location. If the entire voucher is not used during redemption the Redeeming Location can provide a refund of the difference at its discretion.
  4. Vouchers are prohibited from being resold commercially without prior written approval from BeerGivr LLC. BeerGivr LLC reserves the right to seek legal action and compensation if unauthorized commercial resale is occurring5.
  5. BeerGivr LLC works with Redemption Locations to ensure that vouchers can be exchanged for goods and services at the same value that is presented. If there is a problem redeeming a voucher BeerGivr LLC will work to find an appropriate and reasonable resolution. If there is an issue please email or contact us through the contact page on


  1. Accounts on BeerGivr associated websites are used to track and manage sent and received vouchers to all contact information provided for a single individual.
  2. Information from social media networks is collected and stored in accordance with public APIs.
  3. Users authorize BeerGivr to resend vouchers which they have received, when requested, as their authorized proxy

Availability and Functionality

  1. BeerGivr LLC reserves the right to limit or discontinue functionality of the website or service at any time. BeerGivr LLC assumes no liability for for interrupted service or loss of data due to maintenance, development or third party failure.

Redemption Locations

  1. Redemption Locations are establishments which accept vouchers purchased on Redemption Locations accept these terms and conditions upon being established as a Redemption Location either by BeerGivr representative or by adding their establishment information to BeerGivr via a web based form.
  2. Redemption Locations are solely responsible for all legal responsibilities in the sale of the goods and services provided by the Redemption Location. BeerGivr LLC assumes no responsibility if federal, state or local laws, particularly those associated with legal drinking age or other service laws, are breached by the Redemption Location. Additionally, if a Redemption Location does breach such laws the associated voucher is no longer valid and any claims for compensation by the Redemption Location are waived.
  3. Redemption Locations receive value of the transactions that are redeemed based on the agreement between BeerGivr LLC and the Redemption Location at the time of sign up as a participating BeerGivr Redemption Location


  1. BeerGivr LLC reserves all rights to the all associated content and services for BeerGivr. Content includes, but is not limited to, published content, database, code, information, images and videos. Any use or dissemination of the associated information without prior written consent of BeerGivr LLC is strictly prohibited.

Modification of Terms

  1. Occasionally BeerGivr LLC will need to modify these terms and conditions in order to reflect changes in functionality and appropriate legal requirements. All users of the BeerGivr service must accept these updated terms and conditions or may choose to not use the service.
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