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What is BeerGivr?

Drinking is a fun activity you do with friends for birthdays, bachelorette parties, or a congratulations on special occassions. Sometimes you want to be at the party but for whatever reason you cannot. We want to help!

BeerGivr enables you to send a drink to your friend through smart phone technology!

How does BeerGivr work?
Some black magic with PayPal, text messages, and mobile phones make it all work. Check out the "How it Works" page for a quick explanation.
How much does BeerGivr cost?

Sending a friend a gift at the last second is usually impossible. With BeerGivr it is not. The sender pays a small convenience fee of 5% + $1.

  Gift Amount = $10
  Fees (5% + $1) = $1.50
  Total = $11.50

Do I need to know what they will drink?

No way! If they want an import beer over domestic or top shelf martini instead of rail, why stop them?!

You're giving them money to buy anything the business sells. No strings attached.

What if I don't know where the party is?
No problem! BeerGivr gifts can be redeemed at ANY participating location. No need to know where there party is in advance.
How much money should I send?
It completely depends on the type of drink your friend prefers, where they are going, and the specials the business is offering. Happy hours are cheaper than a late night. One drink is great but a round of shots can get the party really moving!
Does the entire gift amount have to be used?

Yes. But we are working to enhance the BeerGivr product.

Stay tuned!

What happens if the receiver cannot make it to a participating location?

No problem. They have the option of pushing the money over to their PayPal account.

While it is not quite as fun as redeeming right at the bar, drinking money in any form is always appreciated!

What can BeerGivr gifts be used for?

Anything the participating location sells! Cheaper import drinks through top shelf mixed drinks. It's up to you!

How do we become a participating location?
We would love to hear from you! Use the contact page or send us an email at showmethegoods@beergivr.com.
What does it cost the bars/restaurants?

Absolutely nothing. Seriously!

Sending a friend a gift at the last second is usually impossible. With BeerGivr it is not. So we have the sender pay the 5% + $1 convenience fee.

The participating locations pay nothing.

How does a business redeem a BeerGivr gift?

BeerGivr uses a new technology called QR Codes (example: HERE). Any smartphone device can read these with free applications.

After you are signed up with our service we will setup your location to read BeerGivr QR Codes which translate to a gift dollar amount. Just take off the amount off the customer's tab.

What if some of the bar staff do not have smartphones?

We encourage participating locations to invest in a smartphone device to be kept behind the bar. However, if this is not possible, the gift can be redeemed manually on the customers phone by typing in a business ID we provide your location.

Can BeerGivr gifts be reused?

Never. Once redeemed they are locked into the business. If the customer tries to redeem again at the same or different location, an error is shown.

Are you integrated with the point of sale (POS) system?

We have not integrated with the major POS systems yet. But we are working on it!

Stay tuned.

How is the business reimbursed?

We direct deposit to a bank account of your choice in 48 - 96 hours. As fast or faster than credit cards reimbursements.

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